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Watch Animals Australia

BY Niklas Vesely
07/02/23 - 7 MINUTES
Watch Animals Australia: image

Animals Australia shows the reality of factory farming. Go over to Youtube and get informed about the reality of how animals are treated in factory farms!

Ways to support animals right now:

1. Stop eating animal products (if you can)

2. If you want animal products, buy lab grown meat from companies like "Upside Foods". These companies directly grow the meat, without having to grow whole animals with feelings.

3. Buy BIO meat. Countries like for example Germany (Lidl) state how the animals were treated on their packaging. BIO is usually the best treatment for animals.

4. Eat less animal products.

5. Find a local farmer, see how he/she treats the animals. Many farmers would like to treat their animals better, but the price is being dictated by large corporates. So they can either go bankrupt or torture animals. Help the farmer and the animal by buying from a local farm that treats animals well.

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