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The Truth About Bali Bird Park

BY Niklas Vesely
26/05/23 - 5 MINUTES
The Truth About Bali Bird Park: image

Bali Bird Park advertises with giving birds a natural habitat and a good life. The entrance fee is higher than most zoos, but considering their effort on giving birds the environment they need I was happy to pay that price.


Bali Bird Park looked beautiful at first, but when I entered an employee-only area I was shocked to see how birds were kept in tiny cages. The sound inside this closed-off area was terrifying. 

It was heartbreaking.

Please Bali Bird Park:

Give all your birds very big cages, not only some.




Recent Comments

Lara Smith
Thanks for sharing this. I also went to visit Bali Bird Park. I was impressed by the large enclosure they had for the small red birds you also showed in your video. But keeping a kind of eagle in a small cage is absolutely terrible - heartbreaking indeed.