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Current animal-product alternatives

BY Niklas Vesely
22/11/21 - 10 MINUTES
Current animal-product alternatives: image

(Unfinished article as is pretty much everything on this website)

Turns out humans must switch to none-animal alternatives - hurray for all life stock. There is a shimmer of hope for the endless line of new generations born into captivity and torture to end.

The human population keeps growing. Deforestation and factory farming increasingly speed up the climate change. If we want to survive, we must fight climate change. And to slow down or hopefully hold the climate from changing, we must end the mass production of animals.

The switch from animal to plant based products is possible today. Especially when looking at milk, the market already offers a wide variety of plant based alternatives. Compared to soy milk or almond milk, oat milk tastes almost identical to cow milk. 


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