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Foie Gras in Shops - Wasn't It Made Illegal?

BY Niklas Vesely
07/02/23 - 10 MINUTES
Foie Gras in Shops - Wasn't It Made Illegal?: image

Foie Gras in Shops - Wasn't It Made Illegal?

Today I went shopping at Mercadona in Madrid, Spain. Looking at a 2.50 Euro piece of Foie Gras I wondered "wasn't this made illegal in Europe?".

Animal Torture Mercadona Spain Fois Gras


Here's what happened:

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has condemned force-feeding, stating that it raises “serious animal welfare issues.”

The Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and other European countries banned the production of Foie Gras. 

The European Parliament first demanded a ban on force-feeding. However, shortly after, the European Parliament lead by France and Spain, declared foie gras production "respectful of animal welfare". 


Even under the absolute best conditions, force feeding is torturing the animals:


And this video explains how Mercadona can sell Foie Gras at 2.50 Euro:


Luckily many Spanish people are against force feeding animals to produce Foie Gras. Sign up for their petition to ban the production of Foie Gras in Spain:



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