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BY Niklas Vesely
26/07/21 - 12 MINUTES
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We Must End Factory Farming!
Let Us Make This Possible By Bringing Lab-Grown Meat Into Stores - Now!

60% of all mammals are lifestock - taken away from their mothers after birth, living in cages, on metal bars covered by feces, slaughtered before ever seeing the sun.

Right now three times as many animals are held in factory farms than there are humans on earth.
1.000.0000.000 cows, calves and bulls.
1.000.0000.000 boars, sows and piglets.
20.000.0000.000 hens, chicks, cockerel.

Animals are not so different to us. Animals love their families. Mothers deeply suffer when their young are taken away. Young animals feel scared without their mothers. Their feelings are the same as ours, their joys and their suffering. We all should have the right to experience life - to breathe in cool fresh air, to feel the warm sun shine. It does not require human intelligence to do so.

Let's open our eyes to see the suffering we have created . and let's end it.

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