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We must end factory farming.
How to grow meat.: image

How to grow meat.

In this article I explain how to grow a 3-dimensional piece of meat with texture.

Author: Niklas Vesely
Released: 22.11.21
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Lab Meat Now

We Must End Factory Farming! Let Us Make This Possible By Bringing Lab-Grown Meat Into Stores - Now!

Author: Niklas Vesely
Released: 26.07.21
How can we get there?: image

How can we get there?

If you want the world to change, offer a better solution! Better solutions irrevocably replace current solutions. The landline phone replaced the telegraph, and the mobile phone replaced the landline phone. To ultimately replace animal meat with lab meat, it must be many times better. Better meaning: healthier, better tasting and cheaper.

Author: Niklas Vesely
Released: 26.07.21
Why Eat Lab Grown Meat?: image

Why Eat Lab Grown Meat?

Do you remember how your dog urgently wanted you to take it for a walk? This urge is not limited to your dog. It’s natural to all animals. To your dog as much as to factory farmed cows, pigs, chickens and ducks.

Author: Niklas Vesely
Released: 14.06.21